Astral Acoustics was founded in 2016 by a group of dedicated audio enthusiasts. We stumbled upon the audio world while we were students. Coming from humble backgrounds, and being so young, money was hard to come by, and we had to make the most out of our limited budget. 


In our struggle to find the best sounding audio gears we could afford, we found that many times, the best way to top it off is through aftermarket cables. Slowly, we started making our own cables, and after trying out various materials and designs, we found combinations we loved so much that we wanted to share it people around the world.


Knowing that many do dispute the effects of aftermarket cables, and we can’t entirely blame them. We ourselves noticed that many companies profited from their customers by using gimmicks to sell worthless products to customers at absurd prices.


This was why we wanted to create Astral Acoustics, to change the minds of people who view cables as snake oil and to cater to those who demand perfection at reasonable prices. We demand the same for ourselves, and this mentality combined with our experience, knowledge, and craftsmanship ensures that every product we put out is a masterpiece.

Hong Kong

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