• Libra 4


    Flagship series - Libra 4

    25-Awg Silver Gold Alloy

    Type 2 Litz Structure


    Airy, smooth and balanced. An all-rounder.


    Brief Description:
    Mild bass delivery.
    Deep diving bass.
    Mid-centric Vocals.
    Smooth and well-extended treble.
    Exceptionally airy and open.
    Slightly warm tone.


    "On the one hand, it is “bigger sounding” with a much better treble extension and generally an airier more open sound. However, at the same time, the timbre is still smooth, sweet and almost euphonic in tone."

    Headfonics, Reviewer Marcus


    Recommended genres:
    Orchestra, Wind Bands, Vocals


    Build time: One week

    • Specifications

      Length - 1.2m approx.

      Solder - Audio Note

      Connectors - Eidolic

      Conductors - 25-Awg Silver Gold Alloy Litz


      Please contact us directly for extended length.

    Hong Kong

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