• Taurus 8


    Entry Modle -Taurus 8

    28-Awg 7n OCC Copper

    Type 1 Litz Structure


    Open staging and textured vocals.

    Yes, a cable, it makes a difference.


    Brief Description:
    Deep diving bass.
    Forward and textured vocals.
    Decent treble extension.
    Warm presentation.


    Review Highlights:

    "Instrument positioning is spot on with a sweet sounding timbre"

    "Full sounding with midrange emphasis"

    - Headfonics, Reviewer Marcus


    "Not entirely typical of the sound one expects from a copper cable"

    "Taurus has a nice shimmering top end, deep bass and warm mids with forward vocals"

    - Head Pie, Reviewer ExpatinJapan


    Recommended genres:
    Vocals, Jazz, Violin


    Build time: One week

    • Specifications

      Length - 1.2m approx.

      Solder - Audio Note

      Connectors - Eidolic

      Conductors - 28-Awg 7n OCC Copper Litz


      Please contact us directly for extended length.

    Hong Kong

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