Our Story

Changes through time


Before Astral was formed, building custom audio cables was just a hobby for us. But as we slowly gained recognition from local audiophile groups, we decided to use the momentum and gave entering the global market a shot.

Since our establishment back in 2016, we have been focused on putting out mid-tier products, where the price to performance ratio was the best. With this revamp, we want to introduce an entry line of products for people new to this audiophile world. We will retain our mid-tier products, and enter into the TOTL market soon.

2020 is a big year for us, and we will continue striving to bring innovations to our products. As people, we understand the importance of business stepping up and doing the right and ethical thing, even at the risk of profits. We pledge to be eco-friendly and to uphold business ethics.

As a Hong Kong company, we are proud to say we are the supporters of the Umbrella Movement and the 2019 Protests in Hong Kong.

Fight for freedom

Stand with Hong Kong

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