About Us

Founded in 2016, Astral Acoustics is an audio company based in Hong Kong. We started as a small IEM cable maker and have slowly begun to supply wires and parts for other cable makers and hobbyists.

Over the years, Astral Acoustics has built numerous IEM cables and has gained substantial knowledge on cable physics and audio science.

We are constantly trying new materials, structures, and solder parings and are determined to find that "perfect" sound we longed for.

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Our Founder

Henry Tik H.Y. joined the would of audio due to the influence of his father, but unlike his father, Henry was more into portable audio rather than speakers.


His hands-on nature led him to his first cable project back in 2014 and laid the foundation of this company.

Over the year Henry has been perfecting his craft and has been continuously upgrading his  knowledge on signal transmission.

He alone makes sure everything we put out makes up to his standards and if they aren't good enough for him, they won't be good enough for you. 


After 7 years of experience, we start to believe simplicity is the key to getting a good sound.

Exotic materials like Gold, Palladium does give users a unique experience but those are for a very niche group of audiophiles.

Here at Astral Acoustics we mainly focus on Copper and Silver development, whether it is on structuring, purity impacts, or solder paring.

Multi Jack connector is a no go for us as we observed too many failing cases from other users. We also find soldering directly onto the termination provides a much more solid sound.

We will be updating this part if anything has changed.

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