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Stage 2 - SPC x6
  • Stage 2 - SPC x6

    Stage 2 - Silver Plated Copper


    We recommend pairing SPC cables specifically with dynamic driver IEMs or hybrid IEMs.

    SPC usually has a sparkling touch on the treble and the Stage 2 is no exception. But unlike most SPC, the Stage 2 does not feature a fat and out of controlled bass response.


    The Stage 2 is targeted as an all-around enhancement cable for IEMs like Ak T9ie, Acoustune, Dunu 2001, etc.


    The stage series is focused to create a precise stage image and spaciousness while still being portable and rather lightweight. Other than the traditional 4 or 8 wire configuration, we find that the combination of 6 wires actually "outdid" the 8 wires in almost every way...


    Material: 24.5awg 6n SPC Litz

    Length: 120cm


    Worrying about the stiffness of the cable?

    Well, it's soft, very soft.


    Build time: 14 Working Days

    1 Year Warranty